Tuesday, October 23, 2007

வன்னி வைன்

Wanni produces wine for the Eucharist

By Channaka de Silva

The fame of Sri Lanka’s tea is universal, but Anglican Church seems to have unearthed Sri Lanka’s talent to produce a ‘stronger’ drink from the unlikely areas of the rebel-held Wanni.

Bishop of the Anglican Church’s Colombo Diocese, Rt. Rev. Dulip de Chickera made a startling revelation to the worshippers at yesterday’s morning service at the Church’s cathedral in Colombo. He said the wine used for the Eucharist had come from LTTE stronghold of Kilinochchi.

He also said the wine was fermented in Kilinochchi from the grapes that were grown in Wanni. “This is the result of challenge thrown to our Archdeacon there a year ago.

We hope to distribute the wine from Kilinochchi to our churches throughout the country to be used for the Eucharist, and that is a challenge,” said the Bishop adding that Kilinochchi wine had been used for the first time for three consecutive morning services at the cathedral in the past three days as representatives around the country gathered in Colombo for the annual sessions of the Diocese.



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